Process Criteria
Min. Line/Spacing, external Layer 4mil Over 3mil below
Min. Line/Spacing, Internal Layer 4mil Over 3mil below
Min. Drilled Hole Size 10mil 8mil below
Aspect Ratio (Thickness to Min. Hole Diameter) 10 20
Land Size Internal (Diameter Over Drill) Hole+0.3 Hole+0.2
Land Size External (Diameter Over Drill) Hole+0.3 Hole+0.2
No-Connect (Diameter Over Drill) 0.65
Plated Through Hole Tolerance ±0.075 ±0.05
Min. Laser Via Hole 0.127mm 0.75mm
Laser Via Land Size (Diameter over Drill) 0.25 0.175mm
Min. Dielectric Thickness 0.09 0.05
Min. Core Thickness 0.1 0.06T
Max. PCB Thickness 3.2mm 6.4mm
Thickness Tolerance(%) 10% 5%
Max. Board Dimensions 580X480 580X700
Bow and Twist (Through Hole – %) 1% 0.60%
Bow and Twist (SMT – %) 1% 0.60%
Min Conductor to Edge (When rout) 0.3 0.15
Min Conductor to Edge (When V-Cut) 0.75 0.5
Layer To Layer Registration Tolerance 0.1 0.06mm
Solder mask Clearance 0.075mm 0.06mm
Solder mask Dams 0.08mm 0.07mm
Impedance Tolerance(~ ohms +/- %) 10% 5%
Max. Layers 28 48
Max. Copper Weight Internal (Oz.) 3OZ 5OZ
Max. Copper Weight External (Oz.) 3OZ 5OZ
Electrical Test Method 100 Mil Grid , 70 Mil Grid , Flying Probe
Materials CEM-1 and CEM-3 , FR-1 and FR-2 and FR-4 , FR-4 High TG
Polyimide , Teflon , Rogers , FR-4 + Rogers , Metal Core ,
Via Construction Through Via , Blind and Buried Via , Laser Via
Surface Finish HSAL (Hot Solder Air Leveling ) , OSP (Organic Surface Protection)
Immersion Tin Plating , Immersion Gold Plating ,
Immersion Silver Plating , Electrolytic Gold Plating, ENEPIG



1 Technology Rigid (MLB), Flex & Rigid-Flex
2 Material Rigid: GF, GI, Getek, BT, Polyimide, Teflon, 4003

Flex: Adhesive / Adhesiveless Polyimide base

3 Layer 1Lyr to 48Lyrs+
4 Via Interconnect Thru-Hole, Blind, Buried
5 Drill Size 0.008″ Mechanical: 0.004″ Laser
6 Aspect Ratio 10:1 Thru-Hole: 0.5:1 Blind
7 Feature Size 0.0036″/0.0036″ Line/Space
8 Impedance +/- 10% (>70 ohm); +/- 10% /7%/5%(50 ohm)
9 SMT 12mils Pitch
10 Finishes SMOBC, Reflow, Gold Body, Selective Gold, Immersion Tin
11 Solder Mask Liquid Photo Imageable (Flex and Rigid)
12 Electrical TEST Double-sided Net list, 1~250V
13 Board Size 24″ x 20″




J.Y. Circuit‘s policy is to integrate the manufacturing of Rigid-Flex, Flex and Rigid PCB’s in one efficient Linear Factory.

With the revolutionary Linear Production Methodology,
We aim to:

Provide the highest quality product, delivered on time and engineered to meet or exceed customer specifications

Support customers to become leaders in their market niche by providing the most appropriate use of the latest interconnect PCB technolog

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